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The search for relevant and well designed apps for tablets can be daunting.  Let’s work together and create an ever growing list of apps that work.

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How Can I Add Bookmarks To The Home Screen?

When it comes to making the most of instructional time with students, many teachers can be come frustrated at the amount of time it can take students to type in web addresses in order to access websites.  Placing bookmarks on the home screen of your Xooms will allow a single-click pathway for students to quickly and accurately access websites to enhance learning.

How to Create a Shortcut on Xoom

Initial Setup of Xooms

Attached you will find a 5 page document to assist with the initial setup process of the Xoom tablets.  These directions will take you from connecting to wi-fi to downloading necessary apps from the Android Market.

Special thanks to Carrie Moffit, Central Office, for taking the initiative to begin this document!

Initial Setup for Xooms

How Can I Find the Serial Number on my Xoom?

Many folks, especially Media Specialists, are asking a very legitimate question, “Where do I find the serial number on this thing!?!”  Knowing where to locate the serial number on your devices will be helpful for cataloging purposes as well as general information.  Below is a link to a PDF document that you can download and reference to locate the serial number on your tablets.

Special thanks to Linda Martin, Media Specialist at Sugar Hill Elementary, for this wonderful tip!

How To Find Serial # on Xoom