HallConnect: Uploading Documents

When uploading documents to HallConnect you want to be aware of the following size limits:

  • 1 MB – Submission to wiki pages.
  • 5 MB – An attached file to an assignment, forum, blog, or journal post.
  • 15 MB – Submission to discussion board, blog, or journal, including all attachments.
  • 15 MB – Announcement or assignment submission, including all attachments.
  • 250 MB – Author-generated course content files.
  • 2 GB – Course import packages.

Here are the basic ways in which you can upload documents to HallConnect:

Syllabus: Adding Attachments

Syllabus: Adding Attachments

One of the first ways you may try including your documents is by attaching them to an item on your Syllabus.

When adding any of these items (excluding Folder, Module, and SCORM Package) you have the options of attaching documents during the initial set up or when you edit the item.

Be advised attached documents do not open in the HallConnect player window.  They need to be opened on the device*.  Some potential issues with that situation are the user may not have Office installed on the machine, your attachment may be a newer version of Office than the user has, the user may not notice the attachment.  If you have to attach a document it is a good idea to save it as a PDF first.  *This may change in the future as SharePoint becomes widely used.

Resource Pane: Adding Course Files

Resource Pane: Adding Course Files

Another way to include your documents in HallConnect and have them viewable in the HallConnect player window is by adding them to the Course Files section of the Resource Pane. By clicking ‘Add’ you will then have the option to add one or more files.  Once added to the Course Files section these documents are available to drag and drop into your Syllabus.  This is makes the item viewable without opening up another program.  This is also ideal for documents that are used more than once.

Resource Pane: Adding a Single File

Resource Pane: Adding a Single File

Files can be added one at a time or in multiples.  The easiest method is to add them one at a time.  Some of the documents you have such as presentations you may want to save to PDF versions before uploading.

The other option is to upload multiple files at once.  This option utilizes File Transfer Protocol, FTP, and should only be attempted by those with prior experience in FTP.  The benefit to this method is speed.  However, the risk includes a high degree of error.  Again any documents that need conversion need to be converted before uploading.

Resource Pane: Adding Multiple Files

Resource Pane: Adding Multiple Files

The Multiple Files tab provides you with the URL and the prefix to your user name.  Use your own password.

Changes made via FTP cannot be undone typically.  This should only be used within your own course/class sections, not repositories, to minimize the adverse impact to anyone else contributions to HallConnect.


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