HallConnect: Objectives Pane, Covered versus Assessed

Have you noticed the Objective Pane in HallConnect keeps track of how many times a standard has been covered and how many times it has been assessed?

HallConnect Objectives Pane Covered versus Assessed

Not only does it keep track, but the color of this data has a meaning.  Gray meaning nothing has been aligned to this standard, red meaning the standard has been assessed yet not covered, and green to signify it has been covered and assessed.  You can see from the figure on the left that covering a standard even once gives it the green status.

You may wonder which items that you can add to your HallConnect Syllabus are considered covered and which are considered assessed then.


In the center of the Syllabus page is where content is added,objectives are aligned, and you can see which type of item will count as assessed or covered.  When clicking on the green plus Add button you will see these choices:

HallConnect Syllabus Add Which Are Covered and Which Are Assessed

Notice the light gray line between Custom Activity and Editable Content?  Everything above that is considered an Assessment by HallConnect and everything below that is considered covered by HallConnect.  Consider the differences between Assignment and Editable Content, while providing nearly the same opportunity to present information, Assignments has grade book settings and Editable Content has only completion settings.  Consider also the difference between Custom Activity and File of Web Site, both can select from a File or Website, but Custom Activity offers grade book options where File or Web Site does not.

If you are uncertain if an item should be for a grade or not when creating it, start out with it only covered, or for no grade.  There is an option to Change to gradable Activity, but there is not an option to convert a graded activity to a non-graded activity.

HallConnect Change to Gradable Activity



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